If you need to talk to someone from Balloons you can contact us by telephoning 01392 826064.

Our phone line is not continually manned – but we will respond as soon as we can.

THe Difference We Make
THe Difference We Make
  • It’s a very strong painkiller – an opioid analgesic that belong to narcotics. Therefore, it is dispensed only against a prescription. It is used as a painkiller and as a tranquilizer. It has been observed that Tramadol started acting in 40-45 minutes. I have sciatica, and the pain is terrible. I was afraid of these pills, but I was wrong. The relief came very quickly.
    I cannot express how much help I received from Balloons. I know that my children and myself would be in an altogether different place if it was not for their sound help and advice throughout the last few months. From the first phone call, I felt as though there was a strong pair of arms holding my family together and those arms belonged to the Balloons team.
    –Balloons parent

  • The support worker helped me to understand and deal with my emotions, which was the main thing I was struggling with. I now feel a lot more at peace with myself, the world and my past.–Balloons young person, age 14

  • The child is back to her bouncing, cheerful self. She said she was less tearful and was able to tell me that it’s her Grandma’s birthday tomorrow; she smiled and said she hoped the sun would shine because Grandma liked sunny days. Thank you for the invaluable service you provide.–Balloons professional