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If God had wanted a gerbil

If God had wanted a gerbil

He should have saved up like me

And gone to the pet shop and bought one

That’s doing things properly.


If God had wanted a gerbil

Then I think it’s awfully mean

To have made me drop my one and kill it

When I fed it and kept it so clean


If God had wanted a gerbil

He should have taken its cage and its straw

No I won’t have another gerbil

Just in case God decides he wants more


See you later Alligator

They told me you had gone to sleep, but you’re not in your bed.

They told me you became a star, a light above my head.

They told me that you see me still, you watch me all the time

But I can’t see you anywhere and need to know you’re mine.


They told me you’re with Nanny, but I don’t know where she’s gone

They say you can’t feel anything, I think they must be wrong.

They say you don’t hurt anymore, but I hurt all the time,

You used to kiss my hurt away and tell me I’d be fine.


They say I am a big girl now and that I must be brave,

Then if I’m good and want to, I can go to see your grave.

I cannot eat, I cannot sleep and all I do is cry,

But I would like to visit you and so I’ll really try.


I don’t feel very big or good, it’s hard to even smile,

I’m still your alligator mum are you my crocodile?

Deborah Butler

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