How to become involved? There are a number of routes:

You can request information via phone or e mail.

Those wanting to be a part of service delivery will need to make contact our Grief Support Worker and Agency Trainer, Donna James on 01392 826064 or email

Those wanting to be actively involved in admin, promotional or fundraising activities will need to make contact with our Office, Systems and Events Manager, Jo Overton-Pitts on 01392 826065 or email

What are we looking for?

• A sound empathetic nature
• A willingness to listen
• A good level of self-awareness
• Warmth and openness
• Respect for young people their beliefs
• Respect for their coping mechanisms
• Respect for the religious and spiritual believes of those outside our own belief systems
• A good base level of communication ability
• An understanding of the need to assist productive communication between carers and the young people they are supporting
• A willingness to undertake our initial six-day training programme
• An understanding of team commitment
• A willingness to become involved in the team support systems
• The discipline to commit to completing the required record-keeping systems with the necessary information, to assist Balloons in raising future funds.

All Balloons volunteers, whatever their role within the team, will be expected to fill out an application form, provide two references and have an enhanced DBS taken up by Balloons on their behalf.