Seeing the person you love, become more and more ill can leave you feeling frightened and helpless. There are ways in which you can offer to help in order to provide the sick person with some pleasure. It is important for you to know that if they refuse your offer it is probably because they are just feeling to ill at that moment in time, so try not to be disheartened, and hope they are feeling more up for it the next time you ask.

Older children:

  • Offering to and making drinks
  • Creating appetizing snacks like chopped fruit or cheese and biscuits
  • Hand massage
  • Reading to your special person
  • Helping in practical ways like assisting them to walk to the bathroom
  • Take them for short rides in a wheelchair
  • Wash your special person’s hands and face if they are unable to do so independently
  • Continue to share your world with them

Younger children:

  • Brushing hair
  • Telling stories
  • Drawing pictures for them
  • Fetch or carry small items
  • Sharing what you’ve done that day
  • Cuddling up together
  • Pick some flowers to put in their room

When a sick person becomes more ill, the way that they look and the way that they behave can be confusing and upsetting. Some medicines can affect people in very strange ways and some of the medical machines with noises and tubes can be very frightening. This is normal so try not to feel bad. Tell the person looking after you how you are feeling. You may find they are feeling similarly. If you decide you need a bit of time away from your loved one and you do not want to visit face to face, maybe you could write or draw messages for them instead.