Our team of Grief Support Workers are a multi-skilled group of individuals who are dedicated to providing a proficient, flexible and community-based support programme, for grieving children, young people and their families.

Our philosophy is to advocate the importance of openness, truthfulness and involvement around death in order for families to function at their best ability. We assist age-appropriate and productive communication between carers and the young people they support through an array of services.

Our Grief Support Workers are volunteers who, after completing the Balloons bereavement training, give up their time for free to support children and young people.  Below are testimonials from some of our volunteers which demonstrate their varied ages, skills and backgrounds to show that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ volunteer.

Mary Goodwill

I’m Mary and I wanted to become a GSW for Balloons because I lost my parents when I was a young person and there was no-one out there to support me and help build my resilience at the time. I want to be that person who a child or young person can talk to about things that really hurt and say it’s ok to feel that way, let’s think of some ways that might help. Balloons have been amazing at giving me the confidence and support in their training and organisation to do just that.


Jodie White

I absolutely love being a volunteer for Balloons. Having been a teacher since 2001, I have experienced the massive need for this kind of work with children and young people. I have always wanted to follow my Mum’s footsteps in volunteering and to now be able to do this for a charity as important as Balloons is a real privilege. It’s just brilliant to witness the positive changes in the children and young people we work with and to feel that we can make such a difference to their lives.

Isy Doman

I have been a Grief Support Worker with Balloons now for 18 months. Originally, I was recommended to Balloons from an existing volunteer, who thought I would enjoy it. She briefly told me what the role entailed, and I thought this was something I would feel very comfortable with. From there I had an interview, fantastic training and then took my first case. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Working with the young people has been so rewarding and so positive, I believe we do make a difference. I am also very impressed with the organisation and staff, they are extremely professional whilst still remaining warm, sincere and friendly and are always available for advice, however small it might be!