Recommended Books

There are many wonderful resources out there so please contact us on 01392 826064 and we can advise you on appropriate books.  However, we list below resources we have found useful in our Bereavement Support Library:

Grief (General)

  • (under 5s) Always & Forever, by Alan Durrant
  • (under 5s) Emotionary: Say What You Feel
  • (under 5s) Inside my heart and inside my head… feelings, by Richard Jones & Libby Walden
  • (5-8) Sad Book, by Michael Rosen
  • (5-8) Davey’s Really Magic Carpet, by Caroline Twigg & Claire Spake
  • (8-12) Bridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson
  • (Teen) Straight talk about death for teenagers, by Earl Grollman
  • (Teen) You Just Don’t Understand, by Winston’s Wish


  • (5-8) A Sky Full of Diamonds, by Camille Gibbs
  • (5-8) Chocolate Chipped, by Shelley Gilbert & Vicky Baruch
  • (8-12) The Scar, by Charlotte Moundlic
  • (8-12) Milo & the Restart Button, by Alan Silberberg
  • (8-12) Her Mothers Face, by Roddy Doyle


  • (under 5s) Grandpa, by John Burningham
  • (under 5s) (5-8) Suzie Goes to a Funeral, by Charlotte Olson
  • (5-8) A Place in My Heart, by Annette Aubrey


  • (under 5s) Are You Sad, Little Bear
  • (5-8) Gentle Willow, by Joyce Mills
  • (5-8) When Someone has a Serious Illness, by Marge Heegaard
  • (8-12) The Secret C, Julie Stokes
  • (Teen) A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness


  • (5-8) Huge Bag of Worries, by Virginia Ironside
  • (5-8) You’ve Got Dragons, by Kathryn Cave & Nick Maland


  • (5-8) (8-12) Seeing Red, by Jennifer Simmonds Family & Children Service
  • (8-12) A Volcano in my Tummy, by Elaine Whitehouse & W Pudney
  • (Teen) The Anger Workbook for Teens, by Raychelle Cassada Lohmann

Self esteem

  • Emotional Healing & Self Esteem, by Mark Pearson
  • (Teen) The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens, by Lisa M Schab


  • (5-8) We were gonna have a baby, by Pat Schweibert
  • (Teen) Grieving for the sibling you lost, by Erica Goldblatt Hyatt
  • (Teen) My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece, by Annabel Pilcher
  • (Teen) Wenny Has Wings, by Janet Lee Carey


  • (5-8) (8-12) Luna’s Red Hat, by Emmi Smid
  • (5-8) (8-12) Beyond the Rough Rock, by Winston’s Wish
  • (Adult) Supporting Children After a Suicide Loss, by Sarah Montgomery & Susan Coale


Free Resources

Balloons (Devon) has developed a series of information sheets around bereavement which can be downloaded from this section of the website.

The Funeral (1)

Seeing the Person who has Died (2)

Helping a child cope with the death of a parent (3)

Children’s Understanding of Death and How to Support Them in Their Grief (4)

Helping children cope when a Grandparent dies (5)

Family activities after the death of a loved one (6)

Supporting children when someone they love has died through suicide (7)

Supporting schools to effectively manage bereavement (8)

Death of a Sibling (9)

Supporting suddenly bereaved children and young people (10)

Coping with Mother’s Day (11)

Coping with Father’s Day (12)

Supporting Children and Young People after a Disaster (13)

Someone important to me is going to die (14)

Supporting bereaved children and young people to sleep well (15)

Fear of separation after bereavement (16)

Managing Grief at Christmas (17)

If you have any difficulties downloading the PDFs above please contact the Balloons team at or telephone 01392 826065.