What People Say About Us

As part of our referral process Balloons encourages feedback from children and young people receiving the service and we also encourage feedback from their parents and carers, and from professionals who have referred them.

Feedback enables us to review and improve the work we do and also offers huge encouragement to our staff and volunteers who can see how the service really is changing lives.

Below you can read some feedback from children and young people who have received the service, from parents and carers, and from professionals.


What some of our children and young people say:

“I don’t think about it as much.  When I do think about it I still get upset but I remember the good times and not the bad.”

“I am calmer in myself at school and at home.”

“Balloons helped me to understand and learn more about my dad.”

“Balloons has helped me so much to understand ADD, ADHD, Aspergers and Cancer and the Grief Support Worker listened to everything I told her.  She helped me with me and my dad and Uncle that died.  You have changed my life to good from bad.”


What some of our parents and carers say:

“They have opened up more about their feelings and they are able to tell me how they do feel about losing their dad.  I feel they are now moving on in life but not forgetting their dad.”

“My son seems to have a much better understanding of his feelings, he’s able to tell me how he is feeling and show me what helps him.”

“We cannot praise the Grief Support Worker enough for the way she helped our daughter and are very thankful to Balloons.”

“Without the support of Balloons, and our daughter’s Grief Support Worker, I believe that our daughter would still be struggling with her feelings of loss and anger.  We are so grateful to have had so much support and to see our daughter feeling happy, calm and secure again.”

We recently received a letter from a mother whose praise of her daughter’s Grief Support Worker we wanted to share:


Good afternoon

I wish to pass on my thanks to you all and especially my daughter’s counsellor.

Before she came to see my daughter back in August she was very sad, completely withdrawn, angry with everyone, and no self-belief or confidence and had started to self harm.  She was completely distraught when my Dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in March, as we all were, but she was unable to get over the shock and deep unhappiness, despite us as a family trying to help her.

The Grief Support Worker came to see her and as the weeks went on I started to see my little girl gradually return.  By the end of her 10 weeks, she was my happy daughter, obviously she has her moments, like we all do.  She has gone back to school in September happy, wanting to go, with more confidence.  She is talking a lot more, is smiling now and talks about her Granddad with love and pride.

Can you please pass on my sincere thanks to the Grief Support Worker for spending the time with my daughter and bringing her back to us.  Your service is invaluable to families who don’t know where to turn when they suffer a bereavement.  I cannot thank you enough.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes



What the professionals say:

“Excellent service, well done to all your staff.”

“Thank you for continuing to provide a valuable service to young people.”

“Balloons support in school has been very beneficial.  Workers have understood the needs and interests of the child and matched their activities with the child.”

“Child and mum have had an easier avenue for discussion around the bereavement.  Mum feels that her daughter has emerged from the Balloons sessions with more understanding of her own feelings and that the activities were very appropriate.”

“I feel the child’s confidence has improved as he has been able to talk about his family in a safe environment with a trained volunteer.”